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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Darlene's Wedding Photos

We'll, I finally signed up for one of those online photo sharing things. I chose the corporation because that is what a bunch of people seem to use and it looks like it works, not to much ads. And I guess it did. So, these photos were actually taken by my aunt, emailed to my mom then forwarded to me, then I posted them on the flickr website and now I'll give you the link so that you can look at them HERE.

I think I may also try and upload the pictures my dad gave me on a CD.

Frankly, I think pictures on the computer are a great idea because they are organised and you can share them. I don't have much use for pictures myself after I've looked at them once, it's a good thing to do, combine 2 wasteful consumer pursuits into one: computers + photos = new toy.

Tony's Blog of Our Wedding and PICTURES

Rusl & Jane's amazing all-star all-riding super-duper fab bike wedding
A Slideshow of Tony's Great Pictures>>>
Hi guys,

I've mentioned more than a couple of times about my bike-activist friends and their crazy-chopper bike contraptions.

Well, last weekend I attended a bike wedding for good friends of mine, Rusl and Jane. The invitees were what could only be described in this community of bike-freaks as an A-list of the who's who of Vancouver's cycling fraternity. As somewhat of an outsider in town, I felt honoured and touched to be have been invited to such an event, and now feel truly welcomed into this circle of amazing people.

...detailed wedding description story continues at:

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Photos from the day already!

104 pictures at

Click 'Comment' below and post a link to any more photos.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Prepare for the Wet

Please bring an Umbrella,
it will probably be a light rain or just cloudy. We will go ahead with the ceremony but we will need to be prepared.
a little rain never hurt nobody

Current Weather Forecast

Monday, June 06, 2005

Registry? There is No Registry!

We just figured we should say something about this because so many people have been asking. Honestly we don't need more stuff. Space is not cheap in a city. Simplicity is important to mental health. Your celebratory presense and participation is all that we are asking for.

We do need help arranging all the bicycle chariots, so that is a way to help, if you're feeling generous.

For those that insist on getting us something, We will make a list here of some various things that we would find useful.

*clothes washer [done!!!]
*clothes dryer
*contribution to wedding honeymoon fund
*MEC is a store we do frequent
*Rusl has a weakness for Lee Valley Tools.
*Solar Motion detector light which was in the Canadian Tire Catalogue but not their website for some reason.
*stories written by you
*pictures drawn by you
*nice strong wooden clothes pegs {not those abundant wussy dollar store ones}
*TiG or Oxy-Act welding, steel grinding, heavy duty drill, hand drill, wood plane...
*high quality fine art ink pens with acid-free ink
*any novel/fiction by kenneth patchen that isn't shy pornographer or albion moonlight
*the new emir kusturica movie
*rat food
*kayak or rowboat stuff that we need
*german carbonator machine to turn tap water into fizzy water

OK this list is silly, there are lots of things we could want but don't need. I think this is going to be revised. This is a draft.

If you do get us a specific item from this list, could you please write a comment below so people know that somebody has got it?

There is no need to bring anything but yourself and a bicycle

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Vision

To our dearest friends:

As you may have heard, we are gonna get hitched!

It is going to be a bicycle wedding; what could be more suitable for the wonderful community we have. We really want you to be there. Be sure to mark SATURDAY JULY 16TH on your calendar. That's the day. It will start around 2:00 pm and go until 1 am. The gathering place and reception party will take place at Trout Lake community centre in East Vancouver.

The plan is to gather at Trout Lake with our bicycles - then ride en masse to the ceremony location - which may be at burrard view park in east van if it is sunny. We dream that everybody is riding on bicycles, including out-of-town visitors and our less-mobile grandparents (who will be pulled on chariots, trailers, rickshaws, pedal couch... Whatever we can come up with). The out-of-towners who don't have bicycles will need to borrow bicycles for the day. After the ceremony we will ride back to trout lake and have a feast - which will be part potluck. Then we will dance the night away, with a local band.

We need your help:
one of our biggest challenges is to get everybody on bicycles, including those who don't normally ride them. We will need about 50 extra bicycles, and about a dozen chariot-type vehicles and/or tandem bicycles. If you have an extra bicycle or a trailer/chariot thing, may we please borrow it?:) We also need people to help us invent/create/imagine/build the chariots, to service the borrowed bikes which haven't been taken out of the garage in a long time, and to help pull the chariots on the big day. We shall also require assistance with the more 'traditional' aspects of the wedding, like food, like music, or participating in the ceremony itself.

take care and take the lane, Love
Jane and Rusl